I tend to bounce around on different creative projects to keep things interesting. However, there are only a few categories that I tend to bounce among. The albums below are meant to showcase some of the work that I do in these different areas.

Please get in touch if you see anything you like that is not currently for sale on my Etsy Shop or if you have a custom request. I generally produce limited runs so I can control my schedule and commitments, but if it’s something easy or interesting, I might be willing to do it.

3D Printing

Some creations are designed digitally in 3D and then printed using a 3D resin printer. This includes items for both fun or function and may incorporate electronics and custom software.

Dye Sublimation

Some creations use dye sublimation to decorate things. These are generally for fun expression and entertainment. They include things such as mugs, bag tags, dog tags, koozies, etc. I also create custom apparel decorations every now and then.

Print & Cut

Some creations are printed, cut, and assembled using various techniques. This includes items such as vinyl stickers, labels, pinback buttons, etc. I also make a ridiculously strong magnets, keychains, bobby pins, and more.